Volunteers Needed for Deer Exclosure Cage Work

This past year, Peninsula received a grant from Whitetails Unlimited to repair the deer exclosure cages. Can you help work on the exclosure at the Nature Center on any of the following dates?

Where: Nature Center
Time: 9 AM start time. We will work most of the day on Monday and anticipate finishing up Tuesday. Wednesday morning work is a possibility.
Personal Tools: Dress for weather, bring work gloves if you have them.
RSVP: You can just show up, but if you know you’ll be coming it would help us plan. kathleen.harris@wisconsin.gov or phone 920-868-3258.

New posts will be set, and new fencing stretched around the cage. Also, we would like to install new doors. Please email me ASAP. Because of schedules of seasonal workers, we are needed to firm up these November dates. Thanks for considering this request.

Three exclosure cages were constructed at Pen Park in 1992, the same year part of Peninsula was first open to muzzle loader hunting. Jim Zimmerman (Madison ecologist/eco name of Door County from years back) was involved in the original project. The Nature Center exclosure cage was constructed by an Eagle Scout. Do you know where the other two cages are located? J
The 9/29/11 storm damaged the integrity of the cages. Whitetails Unlimited is funding repairs. The cages were inventoried in 2011 as part of a Peninsula State Park/FPSP research project. The Nature Center cage is also the site of an annual trillium count.