Visitor Tips

We asked our Facebook followers for advice they’d give to a first-time Peninsula State Park visitor. Here’s what they had to say:

“Go early on a sunny morning, before most folks are up, & drive slowly through from end to end, with the windows open, drinking in the green light under the trees.” – Karen

“Take a bike along and just hit every trail or road you possibly can. I remember doing that as a kid. We’d put on up to 40 miles in one weekend. Good times. :)” – Danny

“It’s more fun and more practical to get around the park with a bike than with a car.” – Casey

“Make sure your food is properly secured at night!!” – Becky

“Get your reservations super-early. (Although you can often snag a cancellation if you watch the website). The park is not the only place to buy firewood; you can get it from local gas stations and farms. Bring the kids. Go to the beach. Get away from the crowds on the Hemlock Trail.” – Sue

“Walk the Eagle Trail if you can” – Lori

“Open your eyes and soak it all in” – David

“Stay long, and come back often.” – Kari

“If you want to see deer, drive through at dusk! If you want to have fun, take a moped or bike trip through it. If you aren’t scared of heights, climb the tower (beautiful view and great pics). If you want to be peaceful, stop and sit by the water. :)” – Joy

“Go see a play in the woods!” – Ellen

“Hit the beach … Nicolet is beautiful. Come back in the winter for snow shoeing and cross country skiing on immaculate trails.” – Lynn

“My favorite golf course of all! Love it there in the winter as well.” – Laura

“Please walk and ride bikes on the hiking and biking trails for safety. Save the road for your motorized vehicles.” – Jennifer

“There IS a gas station near the park, between the entrances on 42. Don’t go either north or south of the park looking for gas or supplies, or you’ll be gone for an hour… hit that BP just north of the south entrance.” – Chris

Eagle Tower – anytime of the day. Welker’s Point after sundown to see the bats come out!” – Steve

“Take a good camera.” – Christopher

“Just DO IT!” – Bridget

“Camp in a tent close enough to the water and listen to a thunderstorm roll in off the bay. Amazing.” – Julie

“Definately stop at the Nature Center, and don’t leave without seeing a show at American Folklore Theater IN the PARK.” – Carol

“Walk up toboggan run behind the Nature Center, dont forget your walking stick! Once you get to the top you will see the prettiest view in the park!” – Lynn

“If you want to start a great family tradition, three words: American Folklore Theatre.” – Holly

“Breathe deeply; the most beautiful air in the country!” – Janet

“Agree about the American Folklore Theatre! Also, drive around the whole park, or ride, and see all the views!” – Melissa

” When you are watching the bats at Welker’s, don’t duck or flail around. The bats know what they are doing and won’t run into you. Just stand still, when you freak out, you look silly and will probably run into one then. Also, wear a bike helmet when biking.” – Matt

“Remember your marshmallows. =)” –Heidi

“Have fun!” – Bryanna
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