Park Scavenger Hunt

Be like this team and bring your completed scavenger hunt to the Nature Center for a prize!

Ready? Set? Go!

Get together your team, explore the park, and bring items from this on-your-own scavenger hunt to Peninsula’s White Cedar Nature Center for a mystery prize.  A found object may “count” for more than one item. Item descriptions may have more than one meaning. Think creatively! Stumped? Ask for help at the Nature Center.  920-854-5976.

Click here to download your printable Peninsula State Park Scavenger Hunt!

Around the Park

1. Number of steps down Eagle Terrace: _____
2. Name of Peninsula’s first manager (hint: go to Eagle Panorama): ____________________________________
3. Year Camp Meenahga established (hint: go to Skyline Trail parking lot or Nature Center): ________________
4. Name of family who once lived near intersection of Middle and Hemlock roads (hint: look for plaque). _____
5. War that Tennison served in (hint: look for gravestone at Blossomburg Cemetery): _____________________
6. Name of veteran who landed at Omaha Beach (hint: go to Blossomburg Cemetery): ____________________
7. Larsen’s 1st name (hint: look for boulder at east end of South Nicolet Campground): ____________________
8. “John Hancock” of a park ranger _____________________________________________________________
9. Color of bat houses at Welcker’s shelter building: ________________________________________________
10. Number of boy scout troop who planted Nature Center’s butterfly garden: ___________________________
11. Photo of you at a Peninsula structure built by the CCC.
12. Shape of Asa Thorpe’s gravestone. Draw it in the space below. (Hint: go to pioneer cemetery):

Around the Camp Site

1. sheet of toilet paper
2. an orange crayon
3. a noodle
4. a Phillips screwdriver
5. a fly
6. a first class lever
7. freshly clipped toenails
8. something people recycle
9. a pair of clean “skivies”
10. the sum of the digits of your campsite number
11. something that falls but does not get hurt
12. something that folds
13. something that stays hot even when it is cold
14. something that is more useful when it is broken
15. childhood nickname of a campground host volunteer ______________________________

Forest, Meadow and Beach

1. ten pieces of litter plus three butts (ick!)
2. pine cone from a hemlock tree
3. squirrel food
4. a beech leaf
5. leaf from Wisconsin’s state tree
6. something with teeth
7. a gall
8. kinetic energy
9. something 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen
10. ground up granite
11. zebra mussel
12. song with the word “love” in it – you must sing it together when you turn in this sheet
13. Smokey Bear’s saying – “Only You …”
14. sedimentary rock over 400 million years old
15. something the same shape as a smile