Reindeer Trail, Hikes and New Year’s Eve Campfire at Peninsula over Winter Holidays

Fish Creek – Visit Peninsula State Park the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day and you’ll find a variety of activities to choose from. Crystal Snowflake (a.k.a. the park naturalist) will be at the Nature Center on Saturday, December 27, for the Reindeer Trail. On New Year’s Eve visitors can try cooking Monte Cristos in pie irons (free but donations appreciated). In between, join the naturalist for winter trail hike.

Be sure to try feeding the chickadees, too. This year, folks who have a chickadee bird perch on their hand will receive a “Chickadee Club Card.” You can try feeding the birds even if the Nature Center is closed but bring your own bird seed if you do. Bushy-tailed squirrels seem to feast on the bird seed, too!

The following programs are free and open to the public, but a state park vehicle sticker is required. Annual stickers purchased in December are valid through December 31, 2015. Sticker revenues support plowing, sanding and everything else required to keep the gates open, including education.

See the complete program list below or go to If you need additional information call Peninsula at 920-868-3258.

Friday December 26 Nature Center open 12 Noon – 3 PM. Sentinel Trail Snowshoe/Walk 10 – 11 AM. Meet near Eagle Tower. Snowshoe or walk part of Sentinel Trail, watching for animal tracks and signs. Provide your own snowshoes.

Saturday December 27 Nature Center open 10 AM – 2 PM. Reindeer Trail Treasure Hunt Drop by anytime from 11 AM – 2 PM. This on-your-own family activity takes about 30 minutes. Crystal the Snowflake will be on hand to help you get started! Follow reindeer tracks near the Nature Center (about ¼ mile). Special prizes at the end of the trail! Dress for the outdoors.

Sunday December 28 Nature Center CLOSED. Cocoa and Conversation Anytime from 11 AM – 1 PM. Park Headquarters. Do you have a question about Peninsula nature or history? Would you like to learn about 2015 property projects? Then drop by for a complimentary cup of hot cocoa while visiting with park staff.

Monday December 29 Nature Center open 10 AM – 2 PM. Winter Woods Walk 2 – 2:45 PM. Meet at Nature Center. Experience the forest on a crisp winter day! Along the trail, we will enjoy outdoor fun and keep a look out for winter wonders. Designed especially for families with young children. Dress for the outdoors. Less than ½ mile.

Tuesday December 30 Nature Center CLOSED. The Naturalist will be visiting Peninsula’s winter “hot spots”.

Wednesday December 31 Nature Center open 10 AM – 3 PM. Monte Cristo Campfire! 12 Noon – 1 PM. Join the fun of Peninsula’s traditional New Year’s Eve Campfire! Monte Cristos cooked in pie irons are on the menu. Children who cook their own Monte Cristo must be assisted by an adult. Food and supplies provided, but donations are appreciated. While supplies last. Jack Be Nimble: Candle Legends and Craft 1:30 – 2:00 PM. Nature Center. In olden winter days, a candle in a window meant a traveler was welcome. Let’s share what we know about candles, then make one to keep using rolled beeswax. Suitable for all ages.