Proposal and Report Guidelines

Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Format

The proposal should not exceed 750 words (three pages, 12 pt type). Use the following format:


  • Assign a descriptive title specific to the research project.


  • State the research question.
  • Include 1-6 measurable objectives.
  • Articulate the need for the research.
  • Describe how the project will inform park management decisions.

Methods and Timeline

  • Explain the process by which data, results and evidence will be collected, organized, and analyzed.
  • Identify 3 – 5 dates of project actions such as field sampling or data analysis.
  • Include estimated completion date of Final Report.          


Quarterly Report Guidelines

The grant recipient and the Park Liaison will determine quarterly report format. Each quarterly report should:

  • Be submitted to the faculty member and Park Liaison.
  • Include a photograph (300 dpi resolution) that is sent electronically as an attachment and shows the grant recipient conducting research at Peninsula State Park, or other images relevant to the project.
  • Include any incurred budget expenditures, with receipts attached.

The Friends of Peninsula State Park and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources may use submitted photographs in electronic media and print materials.

Suggested Format for Final Report

Final Report format may vary.

The faculty member must review the Final Report before it is sent to the Park Liaison, who submits it to the Board of Directors for approval. The length of the Final Report may vary, but should be 12 pt type or larger.


  • Assign a descriptive title specific to the research project.


  • Summarize the purpose, findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Write concisely and in a style that is understandable to a general audience.


Based on findings, modify the introduction from the proposal while including:

  • the research question,
  • measurable objectives,
  • the need for the research.


Based on what actually occurred, modify the description of research methods from the proposal while including:

  • how data, results and evidence were collected, organized, and analyzed.
  • timing of research actions, especially if weather or season influenced results.


  • Concisely and accurately describe results.
  • Include numerical data in tables or graphs, as appropriate.


  • Describe any relationships among observed facts.
  • Identify if research confirms or contrasts with any cited studies (references).
  • Are there any recommendations supported by the research?


  • Include a statement about the significance of the research project.
  • Summarize results and major findings.
  • List any future needs related to the research topic.


  • Include graphs and charts if they have not been used elsewhere in the report.
  • Include photographs if they have not been included elsewhere in the report.
  • Define any key terms that may not be familiar to a wide audience.