Peninsula State Park Rolls Out LIKE TO BIKE

2013 Like to Bike Collectible Pin

2013 Like to Bike Collectible Pin

Fish Creek – Looking for a way to get yourself and your kids off the computer and on the trail? Consider participating in Like to Bike, a sustainable recreation program in its twelfth year at Peninsula State Park. Complete five activities (biking, hiking, kayaking) at Peninsula and be eligible to purchase a custom pin at cost ($3). Pins are also available to non-participants for $6. All proceeds support outdoor education at Peninsula State Park.

This year’s pin features a bicyclist, part of the park’s effort to increase safety on trails and roads. “Share the Road” isn’t just a slogan – it’s the law. Riding single file on park roads is necessary with summer traffic, including the big rigs that navigate curves to reach campgrounds. Slowing down is smart, too, as speed limits are enforced. Motorists and bicyclists should be especially mindful of Weborg Point and Eagle Tower, where sightseers (including children) are out and about.

Peninsula maintains accident records. From 2010 – 2012, fifty (50) was the average age of a reported park accident that involved a bicyclist. Lost control and biking downhill were factors in 68% of the accidents. And, for these three years, 66% of the accidents occurred in July and August. According to the Department of Transportation, wearing a helmet could prevent 85% of all injuries.

As part of this year’s Like to Bike effort, Peninsula will offer a Bike Rodeo for children in July. McGruff, the Crime Fighting puppet, will also make an appearance or two to at the Nature Center to share his bicycle safety message. And, free Like to Bike logs are available at Park Headquarters and the Nature Center. The logs help visitors track their activities, include activity suggestions, and also provide information on bicycle hand signals. There is even a bicycle word scramble! Information about Like to Bike is available at Pins can be purchased at this site as well by using PayPal.

For additional information call Peninsula State Park at 920-868-3258 or 920-854-5976.