November Update from Naturalist Kathleen

Hello Peninsula Friends,

Shoppers/Customers Peninsula Park Headquarters is open year-round. From now until the New Year, core hours are 9 AM – 3 PM, with additional hours as staffing permits. Feel free to have your customers call ahead, 920-868-3258. Rarely, HQ will be closed due to a meeting or project need (see below). Souvenirs and Gift Items are available, with ALL proceeds funding Peninsula’s education program. Offerings include “hunter specials”, field guides, Simply Wrapped rings, Door County puzzles, plush and hard-to-find children’s books such by Jim Arnosky We pack a lot of “punch” in a small amount of space, so please send wandering tourists our way!

Beach Restoration It’s happening – native grasses are planted, the retaining wall removed … take a spin through the park and drive by Nicolet Beach. This is an exciting project to watch unfold. It’s all for the good – better for water quality, incorporation of native plants – please help us educate visitors that the end result of beach restoration is win-win, and the temporary, one-year fencing is important to help plants get established.

Electrification ZAP! Here we go, upgrades from 30 to 50 amp and conversion of several non-electric sites at Pen Park to electric. Many people are working hard to coordinate this effort. You may notice big trucks in the park and (only the) campgrounds closed to foot traffic this fall through next spring. Most hiking trails and park view-scapes are still open. If you have questions, please stop at Park Headquarters.

Nature Center Nature Center hours are a bit different this fall because the building is tied into the electrification project. I have no posted hours until after December 25, and those are yet to be determined. In addition, I am taking annual leave for a good portion of November.

Volunteer Opportunities November 5 – 7 Deer Exclosure Cage (email sent this morning), merchandise organization, nature center organization. If you are interested in staffing the NC over the holidays (12/27 – 1/1) please let me know. Some folks have family who live far away, so if you need to keep busy during this stressful time, come on over and feel a different kind of stress! It’s FUN. We do have foot traffic that week and I am planning a New Year’s Eve campfire cookout at lunch, so help would be appreciated.

Thanks for supporting the program. YOU make our program happen!