New Year’s Park Update

Happy New Year! Here’s an update from Park Naturalist Kathleen Harris:

Nature Sightings

We already have a couple of interesting nature sightings. Jeff spotted a black (color phase) squirrel. Jeff and Jamey saw a red-tailed hawk, and I heard it. And today Jamey saw a coyote crossing from Green Bay waters towards the woods near the Maintenance Shop.

I’ve been compiling our phenology records. If you’d like to receive them as an attachment, please let me know. Birders: I am especially interested in any documented sightings. Must have a date, and must have been seen in Peninsula.

A few interesting items from 2011 –

  • how about that September storm?
  • excellent warbler migration – 23 species documented on 5/11
  • good year for water snakes
  • nice sightings of ring-necked snakes
  • two sightings of eastern milk snake
  • red headed woodpecker – possible nest along Trail Trampers – need to confirm this
  • cuckoos with photos
  • cooper’s nest in S Nic pretty much culled songbirds – will coopers hawks return in 2012?
  • otters confirmed near Fish Creek, and visiting Pen
  • fisher was seen and photographed in the Nicolet Campgrounds;
  • blonde color phase of raccoon at Tennison Campground
  • many clearwing moths at Scout Garden/NC Meadow in August

… and much more!

Winter Fest February 4

Please volunteer on Saturday, February 4. During the day the Winter Queen will be staffing a children’s game table in Fish Creek, at the big white tent. Volunteers are also welcome to help at the Candlelight Ski. Please contact me if you are able to help, even for just an hour! Thanks.

May Nature Center Host

I am looking to fill in early May at the Nature Center, should you or someone you know be interested in volunteering. Memorial Day Weekend is covered.

New Friends Facebook Site

Friends have established a new facebook site – go to Friends of Peninsula State Park. The centennial facebook site (Peninsula State Park) will be archived this spring. So, please sign up for the new site.


Thanks to the efforts of former Peninsula ranger John Plume, Friends have received a $500 State Farm grant. Whitetails Unlimited also awarded a grant to the park to repair deer exclosures damaged in the September storm.

Like to Hike

The monarch butterfly will be featured on Peninsula’s 2012 Like to Hike pin. Pins should be available by February.