New Plant Species Document in Peninsula State Park

Asclepias exaltata (polk milkweed)

An uncommon, native milkweed was recently documented at Peninsula by Cory Peters, the invasive species coordinator. The species was Asclepias exaltata (polk milkweed). It  had previously been undocumented in Peninsula State Park.

Cory writes:

The area is primarily white cedars, with probably 85% canopy cover.  In the immediate area there are several hounds-tongue, some first year garlic mustard, dwarf lake iris, poison ivy, herb Robert, and Canada mayflower.

University of Wisconsin professor Gary Fewless confirmed the find, noting that “it is common for these plants to occur in very small numbers, and also to not persist for long at any one site. So there is no guarantee that it will remain more than a few years.”

Friends of Peninsula State Park provides funding for the invasive species coordinator position.