Lead Volunteer Needed for Park Bat Project

Bat Condo similar to what will be constructed at Peninsula.

Through a State grant program, we have received funding to construct two “Bat Condos” in the park. If you would be willing to accept this worthwhile position, please call Kelli at (920) 868-3258.

  • Looking for a LEAD VOLUNTEER to coordinate and work with other Friends and volunteers to build two bat condos at PSP (attach pictures)
  • Condos were funded through the 2012 Stewardship Grant in conjunction with the Friends of PSP
  • Lead volunteer will help coordinate and purchase supplies, building materials, set up volunteer contact list (our volunteer coordinator will help with this) and training dates and construct condos
  • Lead will work with other Friends group volunteer that has recently built condo at another state park – TIME FRAME first two weeks of August at PSP – volunteer will travel to park to help with the projects.
  • Lead will work with the Friends to cover costs of supplies
  • Will be a great project to be involved in – once constructed the condos will be placed (with volunteer and staff help) at the Welckers Point Picnic area and the Old Stone CCC Garage.