Gold Star Awards

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) sponsor a yearly contest to recognize outstanding features of Wisconsin State Parks. Visitors to the FWSP web site: can vote for their favorite Park features. Peninsula is always a top contender in all categories except “Best Waterfall.”

2009 – Best Family Campground

Peninsula State Park received a Gold Seal Award from the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) for having the best family campground at the 2009 FWSP Annual Awards Banquet. Gene Tiser Accepts the Gold Seal Award For Peninsula State Park.  Left to right, Gene Tiser, Assistant Superintendent, Peninsula State Park;  FWSP Board President, John Waring;  DNR secretary, Matt Frank

2007 – Best Electric Campsite

In 2007, Peninsula State Park tied with Wyalusing State Park in the category of “Best Electric Campsite.”  Norm and Carol Aulabaugh accepted the award for Peninsula at the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks’ annual meeting along with a Friend from Wyalusing.  The recipients are flanked by William Lunney, FWSP president on the left and Matthew Frank, DNR secretary on the right.

2006 – Best View of a Sunset, Best Bike Trail, Best Mountain Bike Trail

Carol and Norm Aulabaugh accepted three awards on Behalf of Peninsula State Park at the 2006 Friends of Wisconsin State Parks annual meeting. The awards recognized Peninsula for having the best view of a sunset, the best bike trail and the best mountain bike trail. William Lunney, President FWSP second from left and Scott Hassett, DNR Secretary third from left presented the awards.