4th Annual Work*Play*Earth Day at Peninsula State Park

Lend a hand getting Peninsula State Park’s nature center ready for the season! Come to Peninsula on Friday, April 27, from 1 – 3 p.m. Drive about two miles from the Fish Creek entrance to arrive at the White Cedar Nature Center, a former winter warming house converted in 1965 to an education building. A state park vehicle sticker is not required for volunteers at the event who park in the Nature Center lot.

“There will be jobs for all ages and abilities,” said Park Naturalist Kathleen Harris. “We need to dust off the sandhill crane and polish its eyeballs. We’ll rake out garden beds. We’ll carefully shoo away spiders from under the eaves with the purple webster.” Bring work gloves if you have them. Young children are welcome to help. For sustenance, the park will provide a snack from its bestselling 2005 cookbook – perhaps stacked towers or nuts and bolts. Friends of Wisconsin State Parks will give volunteers a water bottle or book bag as a thank you.

With retirements and budget challenges, Peninsula’s staff is scrambling to open the park for the season. Thanks in advance for pitching in at your favorite state park!

If you need additional information call 920-854-5976 or email Kathleen.harris@wisconsin.gov.