Bat Condo Work Days

Example of Bat Condos built at another site.

The materials for the bat condos at Peninsula State Park have arrived at the Gibraltar School!  Kathleen Harris has set up a variety of work days at the high school in coordination with the Ecology Club and the Woods Classroom.  High School instructors that are working with the students include Mr. Dave Tupa and Mr. Andy Steimers.

The following work days have been scheduled from 2:30-5pm at the Gibraltar High School woods shop.

  • Tuesday&Thursday, November 27 & 29
  • Tuesday&Thursday, December 4 & 6
  • Tuesday&Thursday, December 11 & 13

Tuesday November 27th will be the kick off meeting at the high school.  Friends of Kohler-Andrae will be available to present a brief slide show on “building a condo” and go over a few details prior to building.

We could really use your help to complete the Bat Condos that the Friends have funded with the help of a matching grant.  This is a very important and necessary project for Peninsula Park and we are hoping that you can give us a few hours of your time.  You do not have to know anything about carpentry to help but if you do that would be a plus.  We are looking for people of all skill levels.  Thanks for your consideration.

Please share this information with anyone that might have interest in building the condos with the Friends of Peninsula State Park and Gibraltar School.  If you are not handy with tools we could always use volunteers to run errands or be an extra set of hands.  For further questions please contact Kathleen Harris at 920-868-3258.