Annual Candlight Ski

Thank you to everyone that helped make the Candlelight ski/hike at Peninsula successful! The event came at the end of an already busy day at the park – close to $4000 in revenue was collected – and evening visitors also entered the park to watch fireworks from the Fish Creek Winter Festival. About 375-400 Candlelight participants enjoyed the fresh snow, and beautifully groomed trails. The park received $125 in donations during the event.

We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteers and staff that worked together to provide our visitors with a beautiful winter night at Peninsula State Park. There were many exciting memories made last night either on the trail or around the warm fires.

Thanks to the PGA for use of the maintenance building to provide a place for our volunteers to warm up and eat. We appreciate your partnership.

Thanks to the Friends of Peninsula State Park for your support providing refreshments and coordinating volunteers to set up the trail, and thanks to our volunteer trail groomers for not only your help grooming the trails for this event but all your efforts put forth so far this winter season.